The maker: Pamela Gower

Treads are hand made individually to order for you by myself, Pamela. I am an artisan shoe maker and designer.

Treads are made to consider the individual customer’s needs. I understand that everyone’s feet are different and I care about comfort, durability and style. Treads are made to order, so they are never out of stock in regards to size and colours. I work from home in a small workshop and keep my costs low for the customer.
I hope they they are a lasting, quality product that can be kept and handed down through the decades and will last long enough to be valuable, re-usable  and re-sellable in furture years for retro vintage lovers; unlike disposable and expensive branded products commonly available today.

My history is I studied orthopedic and custom shoe making way back in 1993 at the Melbourne College of Textiles in Pascoe Vale. I then had a trainee-ship with Stephen Davies Shoes in Fitzroy that lead to my own custom-made shoe making business in the Nicholas Building in Melbourne city. While running my workshop in the city, I was commissioned by the Australian ballet to make historical costume dance shoes. I also made shoes for exotic dancers utilizing my orthopedic shoe making skills and mixing it with high fashion design to care for the dancer’s foot comfort.

I have a great appreciation for retro vintage and mid century designs after running a small online vintage clothing and items business for 7 years. I focused on men’s fashion mostly.
I have now set up my own tiny workshop in country Victoria. I have been re-making Treads, the iconic suede sandals made in Melbourne in the 1970’s and worn by teenagers, surfers and Sharpies as I grew up around them on the Mornington Peninsula.

Treads are very cool looking, colourful, comfortable and practical and I love making them for you!